PACSystems with ProfiNET

Enabling fieldbus connectivity with Ethernet speed and flexibility

GE Intelligent Platforms' PACSystems with PROFINET is a global open protocol over standard Ethernet that enables real-time control for optimised data handling and control performance. For mid-range to large remote I/O applications, it enables you to manage and connect vast amounts of real-time data flowing from various devices to your business applications without compromising system performance.

PACSystems with PROFINET combines advanced controller technology with the ease of Ethernet-based communications to enable:

  • Improved productivity with direct connection to third-party devices
  • Time savings with easy-to-configure applications for fast installation
  • Increased reliability and availability with proven redundancy capabilities
  • Lower maintenance costs with easy-to-use tools and the ability to make fixes with system running
  • Easier upgrade path for existing fieldbuses and GENIUS network users

Encompassing hardware modules and offering a powerful platform, PACSystems with PROFINET is easy to implement and maintain. You can configure a complete system within minutes and without external hardware - for performance made simple.

The PACSystems RX3i PROFINET Controller (PNC) module connects a PACSystems RX3i controller to a high-speed LAN for I/O device control, providing all the functions and services, and running at high speeds up to 1 Gbps.

The VersaMax PROFINET Scanner (PNS) module interfaces with a remote node of VersMax I/O modules to a PROFINET I/O Controller and supports redundant power supplies to maximise your application run time.